Child Tooth Care

Doesn’t matter what the age of the child is, their teeth are still susceptible to the same conditions and damage that adult teeth faces. We at Dental Care Clinic can help prevent decay and also indentify any teeth health problem at an early stage.

Many of the same treatment and evaluations which are provided to adults are also available for kids. These include digital instant X- Rays, Dental Sealants, Orthodontic Treatments and many more.

At Dr. Leena Nayak’s Dental Care Clinic, we provide kids with a painless and comfortable treatment and ensure that their teeth are healthy, getting necessary treatments such as fluoride, extractions, fillings, and other orthodontic, childhood is best enjoyed with good teeth as they will eat well & grow.

Child tooth OPG X-ray

  • Prevent extraction  for decayed milk teeth
  • Pit and fissure sealant fillings
  • Preventive orthodontics
  • Mouthguards to prevent sports injury

Visiting the dentist

Visits to dentist starting at a very young age are very crucial for every child, because a child’s teeth are very vulnerable to tooth decay cavity and other orthodontic problems.

An appointment with your child’s dentist has to be made when:

  • Sharp pain triggered by chewing hot or cold foods
  • Pain triggered by meals, especially sweet foods.
  • Intense and continuous pain in the mouth
  • Fever
  • Swelling of the face.

If your child has a cavity and it is not treated, severe pain and infection can occur. This infection can spread to your child’s face or other areas of their body, making them very sick. A serious infection can also damage the permanent teeth that are developing in the bone just below the baby teeth.

Acute Dental Problem

Pediatric procedure under sedation anesthesia

It is a safe procedure for child tooth care for multiple carious teeth and deep cavities. Full mouth re-habitation for functional restoration of primary molars with filling, prefabricated caps and preventive care filling for permanent molar teeth in a single sitting.

Dental Problem
Dental Problem