Single Sitting Root Canal treatment

Single sitting root canal treatment

A painless procedure where multiple sitting treatment is completed in comfort of anesthesia in a single sitting.

Single sitting root canal treatment is mainly prescribed to patients with broken teeth, severe toothache or to patients with traumatic injury with severe infection and no pus accumulation in and around the tooth. Because of its benefits and less time consumption it is becoming the top choice in dentistry. This procedure is quite safe, faster and well recognized. Most importantly, the patient receives the complete treatment in a single sitting without wasting their time for several appointments with dentists. Single sitting RCT is the newly introduced procedure in the world of dentistry and this procedure has really made the root canal treatment less traumatic, painless and less time consuming. Since after its existence single sitting RCT has become quite common among the dentists as well as among the dental patients. We at Dental Care Clinic perform complete root canal treatment in a single sitting in combination of antibiotic coverage for 3-5 days depending upon the oral health and severity of the case. Patients those who are busy with their hectic schedule and don’t want to waste their time in multiple sittings can opt for this procedure as this treatment complement their accelerated paced style of living.

Multiple root canals in single sitting, post and core buildup is completed with help of experience and utilizes state of art tech equipments and techniques like radio-visiography, Apex Locator, Protaper, rotary endodontics and various other advanced equipments to make the procedure faster, easier and safer. The time required to complete the procedure is about 60 to 90 minutes and it can be done in a single sitting.