Routine and Preventive Dental Care

Simple Dental Care

You can share your dental concern on email or sms and we will help you to get the apt as per your convenient time. Do call us if you need immediate treatment for pain or fast treatment and also for cosmetic treatment.

Long and healthy life with teeth which put smile on your face and make you look younger and eat efficiently is the motto of our treatment. So our treatment plan involves emphasis on  conservative treatment approach to restoring the functional ability with function and aesthetics  as the primary concern. Clinical examination and Diagnostic X Rays helps us in deciding various treatment options possible. All treatment modalities suggested are to restore health, function and aesthetic and simplify daily oral care.

At Dental Care Clinic we practice Lean Dental Care, to treat efficiently with few visits. Experienced dentist and detailed  treatment plan helps to  execute dental treatment in minimum numbers of sittings. This method is useful to minimize  time of travel and medication especially for children and  adults undergoing medication for systemic treatment like Diabetes, B.P various other long standing medical problems.

All the procedures are performed with sterile, autoclaved and disposable instruments to avoid cross contamination especially blood contamination. Treatment planning to treat the primary problem and suggest full mouth rehabitation with intention to reduce incidence of dental problems as the prime objective.

We give you the mantra of good oral and dental health

  • On completion of treatment at Dental care, we emphasize on patient education, which has been successful to reduce the incidence of dental caries and gum problems.
  • Preventive care treatment  Fluoride treatment and sealant fillings for children has helped to reduce incidence of dental decay.
  • We have always worked to make your Dental treatment a Comfort Zone at Dental Care Clinic.

Preventive Treatments

Dental Care Clinic, located at Ghatkopar, Mumbai, offers the comprehensive, gentle care that you and your loved ones deserve from a dental surgery. Our inviting atmosphere and attentive team will care for all your dental needs, from children’s dental care to restorative dentistry to the latest cosmetic procedures.

Your smile is as unique as your personality, so we will take the time with you to understand your expectations from us and the dental treatment. With technology such as digital X-ray, we focus on your safety and comfort. Your questions are encouraged. We want to partner with you, which means that we will explain your treatment plan in terms you’ll understand, then let you make informed decisions about your oral healthcare.

We offer the following procedures

Oral tests and Digital X – Rays:

At Dental Care Clinic we do a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and other areas of your mouth to see if there is any problem. These tests will help Dr. Leena Nayak to identify the cavities, building up of plaques, gum diseases and many other issues in order to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

Dental X – Rays are part of the standard oral exam. We use the digital X – ray technology to make the process quick and easy as possible. Digital X – rays can be viewed as soon as the X – ray is taken and they offer precise and detailed imagery of a person’s dental anatomy. When compared to the conventional X – Ray machine the Digital X - Ray Machine reduces the risk of radiation by almost 90%.

Periodontics (Gum Care):

At Dental Care Clinic Dr. Leena Nayak offers advanced Periodontal options to treat gum disease and rejuvenate the health of your gums. Many are totally unaware that they suffer from various gum disease. If untreated you may have gum bleeding problem, gum recession, tooth movement, tooth loss and also risk your own health. Dr Leena Nayak will treat your gum problem with non – surgical technique which are specifically designed to remove pockets of bacteria and disinfect your gums.

Dr. Leena Nayak also uses Laser Dentistry to disinfect the gum problems you face. Laser can also be used to remove excessive gum tissue and create balance and uniformity between your gums and your teeth.

Oral Cancer Screening:

Regular Oral cancer screening is very important because it’s a key for early detection and treatment for the same. With early detection and treatment of oral cancer, studies indicate that the chances of survival increases by 80 – 90 percent.  Screenings are quick and painless which are done by Dr. Leena Nayak. The early signs of oral cancer are not noticeable, which makes it even more important for regular screenings. Dr. Leena Nayak suggests a minimum of two screenings every year.

Preventive measures for Child

  • Prevent extraction  for decayed milk teeth
  • Pit and fissure sealant fillings
  • Preventive orthodontics
  • Mouthguards

Preventive measures for Adult

  • Prevent decay of teeth with fluoride treatment and fillings
  • Prevent attrition of teeth and TMJ pain  with replacement of missing teeth
  • Prevent bad breath and bleeding gums problem
  • Pregnancy related teeth care
  • Prevent wisdom tooth pain
  • Prevent cancer