Our Happy Clients say

Firstly I should thank you for such a wonderful job you are doing. Handing client very nicely, I have being coming since long, frankly speaking for any dental problem my one point of contract is Dr. Leena. I was having problem to my teeth which was coming to my smile, I was not able to smile properly because of my teeth. Dr. Leena suggested me to remove teeth and doing implant, I have gone ahead and done implanting what she suggested, trust me I am very happy now infact, I can smile and laugh nicely.

Thank you so much.

Jasmine Choubey

Dental treatment always makes you nervous but, Dr Leena Nayak makes it a painless & wonderful experience. While her hands do the job her talks take you to something interesting. One Doctor that my son love visiting too.........

Mamta Bhatt

Lawyer & Author

Going for a ‘Dental treatment’ could be scary for many. Me too was no different. At 39 yrs, I had phobia of dentists. Due to which I avoided proper dental treatment for many years. My teeth have been subject to negligence of all sorts from my side, all these years.

Few reputed dentist even refused to accept my case, as they said that they couldn’t help much in my case and gave an ‘honest reply’, that I should not expect any improvement to my painful & deteriorating teeth.

Dr Leena Nayak had different thoughts on my dilapidated dentition. Noticeable improvements were visible right after first sitting. Her approach is very professional and service extremely thorough, better than any of my past experiences. Her clinic has state of the art technology & modern equipment.

The Estimates of the required time & cost along with the assured Results of the treatment given by her matched with the actual.

My teeth have never looked so good. I have my confidence back to smile again.

Harsh Anand


Leena has been exceptional in her work and very very detailed. I think the biggest positive is she puts patients at ease which I think when visiting a dentist is primary as we all know and think it's going to be very painful. In the entire procedure I once did not feel any kind of pain and would recommend all of you to visit her if u have any issue with ur teeth. She is thoroughly professional in her work and ensures the minutest detail is taken care of. I wish her all the vet best.

Santosh Nair

Executive Vice Precident & Biz Head at HDFC Bank
Don Bosco, Matunga

I must thank god for you, He has given you a wonderful hand, a strong mind + confidence that a patient so often devices when in doubt Plus pain. Especially your attitude towards your patient gentle lent firm + understanding will go a long way to successful career and a happy life

I’m really blessed by you as you have taken the fear of going to a dentist out of me you have made this treatment painless and easy do bear, thank you so much for taking up this challenge in my mouth and making this treatment successful. I’m really happy, satisfied with the work done on my teeth. Earlier I had visited many dentist in vashi new Mumbai but their treatment failed plus I was back to square one. I hunted for you often almost 10 years and found you by God’s grace in ghatkopar !! Praise Jesus for them its almost 18 years since I met you.

I Once again praise & thank God for you. May you always be successful in every area of your life and wish you &your family a happy and peaceful life.

“Charm is deceptive plus beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

Bible Prov chp.31:30 On words Thank you Doctor Leena God Bless You

Clorna R. Naresh

Dr. Leena is very pain staking for making my denture- very careful for patients, and very through in her work.

Regarding charge also she is very reasonable and not after money only.

I recommend for all teeth work, however complicate it may be –you will not repent.

C.V. Sanghvi

This Comes to tell you thank you and then to tell you too the world’s a whole lot nicer because of folks like you !

Thank you for a “New me” !

Mrs. Kalpana Prakash

Dr. Leena Nayak, absolutely professional dentist. Fast and speedy work, at the same time very accurate. Skill of her hand is so good, you never feel you are in the dentist chair. Her clinic comfort Zone is the place for wide range of dental treatments.

Pade Family

Dr. Leena Nayak, is our family dentist. If my smile gives me happiness, its credit is solely due to her root canal operation she performed on two of my almost dead teeth, three years ago.

Mr Kannan


You know the number of cavities and broken teeth I had. My smile was so scary because of my broken teeth, I didn’t know if there would be any solution but you assured me calmly and all is fixed now hardly felt any pain. Its so comfortable coming to your clinic all is peaceful you don't charge much where others would leave one penny less.

Radhika Singh

Thank you for Being so Kind


Dear Dr. Leena Nayak madam, I would like to thank you for providing the best advise & support for my dental treatment of implant and changed my perception about the dental implant treatment. I had 4 missing teeth (removed during college times) and 1 severe infected tooth. I was little worried & scared of implant treatment and also had a financial budget issue for the treatment.  She gave the reference of other patients to know their experience and guided me with best solution and also provided with part payment option to reduce my financial burden. She is very experienced, caring, trustworthy and clinic is equipment with modern technology & equipment.

I have implanted 5 teethes and it was a smooth & painless process and received very good treatment.

Hence, I would sincerely express my thanks to her and  highly recommend others with dental problem to consult her for best solutions.

Viji Muddliar